David Ross’s life story is intriguing and rich with diverse experiences. Born in Bradford, England in 1950, David’s first move was to Australia in 1959, where he spent a considerable amount of time before returning to England in 1960 to attend school. But David was not content with settling down just yet, and at the age of 17, he embarked on a bold move to South Africa in 1967. Within a year, his wanderlust led him back to Australia, where he joined the Royal Australian Air Force, serving in various locations over five years.

However, David’s desire to experience new things was not satiated, and he later returned to England, where he worked alongside his father at their family business, a coach company, until 1980. At this point, David made an incredible life change by deciding to return to Australia once again, this time to become an Australian citizen. He now takes immense pride in the wealth of experiences and varied path his life has taken, shaping his worldview and leaving him with a multitude of challenges and accomplishments to look back on. David Ross’s journey is inspiring, and it serves as a testament to the incredible changes that can occur in one person’s life.

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